Thursday, March 13, 2014

National Postcode Lottery supports Polder Splendour Terschelling

The National Postcode Lottery supports the Polder Splendour Terschelling project with 2.3 million . This was announced during the Good Money Gala 2014. BirdLife Netherlands is delighted with the award , with the money 40 percent of the Terschelling polder polder nature can be . There is a rich natural environment created to allow for grassland birds . Polder attractive At the same time Terschellinger Cheese expands its range of natural products and the polder a flowery tourist attraction.
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The polder of Terschelling in danger of disappearing . As a unique bird-area Now even the polder breeding area for large numbers of waders . The proximity of the Wadden Sea , the open nature of the polder , the major motivation of a group of farmers dedicated to the polder nature and the absence of foxes make the area attractive to grassland birds . However, the polder at risk and threatens to be increasing intensification and further upscaling . Quiet and natuurarm

Better marketing flowered polder
The project Polder Splendour Terschelling offers farmers the chance to produce . Sustainable and profitable Farmers who supply the Terschellinger cheesemaker receive for their milk a significantly better and more stable prices . In return, they commit nature-friendly farming . They ensure that the polder in spring pink , yellow and red colors of the flowers . Fun for the tourists , but fantastic for insects seeking wader chicks .
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RSPB goes with the money from the National Postcode Lottery and the next four years to improve the habitat for grassland birds in collaboration with all parties , the range of Terschelling natural products such as cheese and expand the recreational opportunities in the polder widen .


Sunday, March 9, 2014

Hanging Plants To Decorate Home Page

Using Hanging Plants To Decorate the Home Page is one of the most effective ways to decorate our house to make it look comfortable and pleasant to the eye in , especially for those of you who have a home page that is narrow or limited , but wants to look luxurious and elegant .
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Adorn Home Page With Hanging Plants
Hanging Plants

Lily flowers Paris or her scientific naman Capense Cbloropbytum this can be made in one of the hanging plants on your home page , because this one flowering plant to have a pretty hefty if in use as a hanging plant , and will look beautiful and charming when in -patient properly .

If the plant is used as Hanging Plants , roots of this plant will be hanging out , and will produce small flowers , and of course it would be lovely to look at. And this plant can also multiply that there are two ways to develop it , the first is by way of cutting anakannnya , and the second by taking or separates from its parent .

It can be used for hanging plants , this plant can also be at the plant in the soil or on the plants directly under the pot , but my advice is worth its plant still made ​​for hanging plants , because if planted under or in planting directly on the ground is not good for her looks in the eyes .

Langlah - step planting in hanging pots

Prepare a fertile soil , sand and compost , and do not forget the broken tiles or bricks . After all his ingredients ready , mix the soil , sand , and manure , and after everything is mixed , put into a pot that will be used , which prior to its pot has been filled with broken tiles or bricks , which aims to absorb water absorption so that the media planting is not waterlogged .

Then tie the rope menggukan pot surface , for its size at roughly to taste , after the planting pots with plants Lily Paris , then flush and the pot was hanging , finish me, but do not forget in control continues every day for at flush and in -patient , so that the plants that we grow not wither and die .
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Adorn Home Page With Hanging Plants
Well that's a little explanation about Hanging Plants To Decorate the Home page , may be useful and good luck .


Wednesday, March 5, 2014

This form is preserved 2 Tiger TNI in Aceh

Two soldiers in Aceh imprisoned for having proven to save tigers and bears are preserved . Military Court ( Mahmil ) in Banda Aceh sentenced Sergeant Jake Rianto and PFC Rawali B respectively two and three months in prison .
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The trial , led by the Chief Judge , Budi Parnomo starting on Thursday ( 24/20 ) at 11.00 am was orderly . The trial has also presented a number of witnesses and evidence ( BB ) in Banda Aceh Mahmil building .

According to the judges , both have been found to have violated Article 40 paragraph 2 and Article 21 paragraph b of Law No. 5 of 1990 on the conservation of natural resources and ecosystems in Aceh . And the two suspects got their legal Sergeant Jake Rianto 2 months in prison , a fine of 5 million and subsidiary 3 months . While PFC Rawali B was given 3 months in prison , a fine of 2.5 million and a subsidiary of 3 months .

"If you do not pay the fine then it will be locked during each entity Jake Rawali Rianto 3 months and 3 months , they were proven to have violated the Act No. 5 of 1990 , " said the presiding judge , Budi Parnomo in the trial .

Both suspects are from Central Aceh District obset store is not admitted to a collection . Jake suspects Rianto save tigers and bears to alternative medicine because his wife was ill . While Rawali obset save tigers as collateral with his debts .

" The suspect was Jake Rianto obset save tigers and bears to treat his wife who was ill , because according to the explanation of his brother , his wife could be cured with a bear and a tiger skin nail in his house , " said Budi Parnomo quoting a description of the suspect Jake Rianto .

As for the suspect Rawali , called Budi Parwono , save obset tiger with his debt as collateral . " Rawali lend his money for as much as U.S. $ 9 million and obset tiger into bail , " said Budi .

However, Budi said they remain entangled Parnomo criminal because it has been saving wildlife has been protected . He said , if not punished , the same action will be followed by others that will lead to an extinct species of tiger that protected it .

" If later the tiger and the bear was gone, where else Aceh 's wealth , because this is a protected wildlife , " added Blake.

Evidence obset 2 tigers and bears 1 will be submitted to the Natural Resources Conservation Center ( BKSDA ) Aceh for the saved . According to the presiding judge , the BB and considering the protected animals had been killed , then it will be stored in BKSDA which serves to conservation .

" When the tiger will become extinct like the dinosaurs , it was in BKSDA still preserved , why do not we destroy , we submit BKSDA management and store in Aceh , " said Budi .

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Meanwhile , the two suspects who have been sentenced , the judge questioned whether to accept , think about it or direct appeal . Both suspects will answer thoughtfully. "Yes , I think about it , " said the two suspects shortly.