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Hanging Plants To Decorate Home Page

Using Hanging Plants To Decorate the Home Page is one of the most effective ways to decorate our house to make it look comfortable and pleasant to the eye in , especially for those of you who have a home page that is narrow or limited , but wants to look luxurious and elegant .
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Adorn Home Page With Hanging Plants
Hanging Plants

Lily flowers Paris or her scientific naman Capense Cbloropbytum this can be made in one of the hanging plants on your home page , because this one flowering plant to have a pretty hefty if in use as a hanging plant , and will look beautiful and charming when in -patient properly .

If the plant is used as Hanging Plants , roots of this plant will be hanging out , and will produce small flowers , and of course it would be lovely to look at. And this plant can also multiply that there are two ways to develop it , the first is by way of cutting anakannnya , and the second by taking or separates from its parent .

It can be used for hanging plants , this plant can also be at the plant in the soil or on the plants directly under the pot , but my advice is worth its plant still made ​​for hanging plants , because if planted under or in planting directly on the ground is not good for her looks in the eyes .

Langlah - step planting in hanging pots

Prepare a fertile soil , sand and compost , and do not forget the broken tiles or bricks . After all his ingredients ready , mix the soil , sand , and manure , and after everything is mixed , put into a pot that will be used , which prior to its pot has been filled with broken tiles or bricks , which aims to absorb water absorption so that the media planting is not waterlogged .

Then tie the rope menggukan pot surface , for its size at roughly to taste , after the planting pots with plants Lily Paris , then flush and the pot was hanging , finish me, but do not forget in control continues every day for at flush and in -patient , so that the plants that we grow not wither and die .
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Adorn Home Page With Hanging Plants
Well that's a little explanation about Hanging Plants To Decorate the Home page , may be useful and good luck .


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