Thursday, March 13, 2014

National Postcode Lottery supports Polder Splendour Terschelling

The National Postcode Lottery supports the Polder Splendour Terschelling project with 2.3 million . This was announced during the Good Money Gala 2014. BirdLife Netherlands is delighted with the award , with the money 40 percent of the Terschelling polder polder nature can be . There is a rich natural environment created to allow for grassland birds . Polder attractive At the same time Terschellinger Cheese expands its range of natural products and the polder a flowery tourist attraction.
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The polder of Terschelling in danger of disappearing . As a unique bird-area Now even the polder breeding area for large numbers of waders . The proximity of the Wadden Sea , the open nature of the polder , the major motivation of a group of farmers dedicated to the polder nature and the absence of foxes make the area attractive to grassland birds . However, the polder at risk and threatens to be increasing intensification and further upscaling . Quiet and natuurarm

Better marketing flowered polder
The project Polder Splendour Terschelling offers farmers the chance to produce . Sustainable and profitable Farmers who supply the Terschellinger cheesemaker receive for their milk a significantly better and more stable prices . In return, they commit nature-friendly farming . They ensure that the polder in spring pink , yellow and red colors of the flowers . Fun for the tourists , but fantastic for insects seeking wader chicks .
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RSPB goes with the money from the National Postcode Lottery and the next four years to improve the habitat for grassland birds in collaboration with all parties , the range of Terschelling natural products such as cheese and expand the recreational opportunities in the polder widen .


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