Wednesday, March 5, 2014

This form is preserved 2 Tiger TNI in Aceh

Two soldiers in Aceh imprisoned for having proven to save tigers and bears are preserved . Military Court ( Mahmil ) in Banda Aceh sentenced Sergeant Jake Rianto and PFC Rawali B respectively two and three months in prison .
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The trial , led by the Chief Judge , Budi Parnomo starting on Thursday ( 24/20 ) at 11.00 am was orderly . The trial has also presented a number of witnesses and evidence ( BB ) in Banda Aceh Mahmil building .

According to the judges , both have been found to have violated Article 40 paragraph 2 and Article 21 paragraph b of Law No. 5 of 1990 on the conservation of natural resources and ecosystems in Aceh . And the two suspects got their legal Sergeant Jake Rianto 2 months in prison , a fine of 5 million and subsidiary 3 months . While PFC Rawali B was given 3 months in prison , a fine of 2.5 million and a subsidiary of 3 months .

"If you do not pay the fine then it will be locked during each entity Jake Rawali Rianto 3 months and 3 months , they were proven to have violated the Act No. 5 of 1990 , " said the presiding judge , Budi Parnomo in the trial .

Both suspects are from Central Aceh District obset store is not admitted to a collection . Jake suspects Rianto save tigers and bears to alternative medicine because his wife was ill . While Rawali obset save tigers as collateral with his debts .

" The suspect was Jake Rianto obset save tigers and bears to treat his wife who was ill , because according to the explanation of his brother , his wife could be cured with a bear and a tiger skin nail in his house , " said Budi Parnomo quoting a description of the suspect Jake Rianto .

As for the suspect Rawali , called Budi Parwono , save obset tiger with his debt as collateral . " Rawali lend his money for as much as U.S. $ 9 million and obset tiger into bail , " said Budi .

However, Budi said they remain entangled Parnomo criminal because it has been saving wildlife has been protected . He said , if not punished , the same action will be followed by others that will lead to an extinct species of tiger that protected it .

" If later the tiger and the bear was gone, where else Aceh 's wealth , because this is a protected wildlife , " added Blake.

Evidence obset 2 tigers and bears 1 will be submitted to the Natural Resources Conservation Center ( BKSDA ) Aceh for the saved . According to the presiding judge , the BB and considering the protected animals had been killed , then it will be stored in BKSDA which serves to conservation .

" When the tiger will become extinct like the dinosaurs , it was in BKSDA still preserved , why do not we destroy , we submit BKSDA management and store in Aceh , " said Budi .

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Meanwhile , the two suspects who have been sentenced , the judge questioned whether to accept , think about it or direct appeal . Both suspects will answer thoughtfully. "Yes , I think about it , " said the two suspects shortly.


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