Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Muster 21 in West Java Regional Head, Aher Not Feeling Violate Rules

West Java Governor who is also the Chairman of the Winning Team Prabowo - Hatta Rajasa to West Java , Ahmad Heryawan , said he did not not find any rules rammed by deploying 21 head of regions in the area . According to Heryawan aka Aher , applicable laws allowing the area to become chief campaigner .

" We have 21 head of regions . Was a coalition party cadres who are now serving , we also assign them a winning team . According to the law , regents , vice regents , mayors , vice mayors , governors , and deputy governors have the right to be a team successful , to be a campaigner , " said Aher , after winning the event declaration Prabowo - Hatta West Java , Bandung , Wednesday ( 05/28/2014 ) afternoon .
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Attended the event throughout the officials , cadres and sympathizers of the party coalition - Hatta bearers Prabowo , Gerindra namely , the National Mandate Party , the United Development Party , the Prosperous Justice Party , and the Crescent Star Party .

According Aher , many coalition party cadres who served as head of the region is a distinct advantage for winning strategies Prabowow - Hatta . Aher said he did not want to waste it .

" We will use the entire network of the party , and prayed to God , " he said .

The only rule for the officer who wants to be a campaigner , said Aher , which should leave when the relevant conduct campaign activities . According to him , all the regional heads ready to leave on a day -to-day campaign that has been determined .

" Leave is required when there is a campaign , if not leave right now , " he said .

Those who support Prabowo - Hatta of whom is the mayor of Bandung Ridwan Kamil , Cimahi Mayor Atty suharti , Bima Arya Mayor of Bogor , Tasikmalaya Mayor Budi Budiman , Depok Mayor Nur Mahmudi Ismail , the Regent of Bandung Dada M Nasser , Tasikmalaya regent Uu Ruzhanul Ulum , Ana Sofanah Indramayu Regent , and Regent of Purwakarta Deddy Mulyadi .


Monday, May 26, 2014

Shrinking brain volume, TKW Threatened Death Sihatul Social

Conditions of female workers ( TKW ) Sihatul Alfiyah previously laid up for 8 months in Taiwan , have started to show a significant response . This was revealed by the Chairman of the Doctors Hospital Blambangan Heri Subiakto to on Monday ( 05/26/2014 ) .

" The response is increasingly demonstrate visible progress of the light reflex and eyelashes . Tracheostomy is also done by making a hole in the neck as a procedure for airway clearance , " he explained .

He also explained that the images of the head Sihatul no visible cracks . " Got to say if there is a collision injuries in the head , but from the results of the scan , no cracks are found , including chest film , everything is normal . Yet there is no diminution of brain abnormalities and brain volume , and this is caused due to lack of supply of oxygen and glucose to the brain between 4 to 8 minutes , " he explained .

However , according to doctors Heri Subiakto , Sihatul still can not do the cough reflex , gag reflex and swallowing reflex .
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" And we still continue to do regular medical rehabilitation including reducing infections from the use of tools . Moreover , after 7 days , Sihatul also no longer on a ventilator . And this is remarkable considering the condition he was in a coma declared eight months abroad , " he added .

Meanwhile , the doctor I Nyoman Kertia , one of the team doctors explained , Sihatul would not be normal as before and threatened lifelong disability .

" There are 4 types of death , that is clinically dead , dead biological , social death , and cardiac death . Nah , ya Sihatul is categorized as social death because he could not interact socially with others , including his own family , " he said .

In addition , he still needs help from others or vegetative life . " Hopefully he can sit . Infection and to reduce us to replace the position of medical equipment , such as hoses our breath to change positions once every 7 days . For normal hormonal . Reports from nurses , he also menstruate . If time abroad , we do not know , because just less than one month Sihatul in Banyuwangi , " he concluded .

Sihatul went to Taiwan and worked on a dairy farm in Tainan City . He had to take care of 300 dairy cows by himself starting at 03:00 until 22:00 local time .

Sihatul was treated at Chi Mei Medical Center in Liouying , Taiwan , and moved to a nursing home in Min An Road Baihe District , Tainan City . From the medical examination had found puncture lesions in the head by a blunt object Sihatul result .x


Friday, May 23, 2014

Yingluck Thai military Detained

Former Prime Minister of Thailand , Yingluck Shinawatra , has been detained by the military junta that seized power in a coup . So says one source party , Puea Thai Party on Saturday .

" It is confirmed that he had been detained by the military since he reported to the junta yesterday , " said a source who was present when Yingluck answer the call to report to the military on Friday .

" We are not sure of its existence since the military seized mobile phones and personal assistant, " said the source who had served in the Yingluck government at that time .
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Yingluck has been fired from pemerintahann by a controversial court decision earlier this month for organizing the takeover as a military office announced Thursday by Army Chief General Prayut Chan - O - Cha .

He is among 155 leaders from both parties involved Thailand bitter political divisions and said it had called them , also including his successor , who is now the prime minister ousted while Niwattumrong Boonsongpaisan .

Most of them seemed to have been called Puea Thai Party members or supporters who stand out . They are also prohibited from leaving the country .

Measures that the reviewers have said is aimed at preventing the formation of the government in exile .


Thursday, May 22, 2014

Allegedly abused Suryadharma Authority Minister of Religious

Religious Affairs Minister Suryadharma Ali allegedly committed an unlawful act and or abuse of authority related to the implementation of the Ministry of Religious Affairs Hajj in fiscal year 2012-2013 . As a result of these actions , the state allegedly suffered a loss by a certain amount .

According to KPK deputy chairman Bambang Widjojanto , Suryadharma charged under Article 2 and Article 3 of the Law on Corruption Eradication . " Article 2 and Article 3 , " Bambang said via text message Thursday ( 22/05/2014 ) .

Article 2 set the criminal acts committed an official or state officials who enrich themselves , others , or corporation by illegal means . The threat of punishment , a maximum of life imprisonment . As for Article 3 regulates the abuse of power committed by state officials or organizers intention of enriching himself or another person or a corporation and could harm the economy of the state or country .
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Previously , KPK deputy chairman Busyro Muqoddas investigation confirmed the Commission has increased the pilgrimage to the investigation stage project with Suryadharma Ali as a suspect . KPK to investigate the implementation of goods and services associated with the implementation of the Ministry of Religious Affairs Hajj in 2012-2013 .

Investigations performed Hajj Commission project focuses on three things . First , the cost of organizing the Hajj ( BPIH ) . Secondly , the procurement of goods and related services Haj accommodation . Third , the Hajj facilities granted to certain parties and not in accordance with the provisions .

KPK chairman Abraham Samad said some time ago that the Commission immediately set suspects linked to project procurement of goods and services in the administration of the Ministry of Religious Affairs Hajj in the fiscal year 2012-2013 . According to Abraham , " candidate " suspect this is one of the leaders in Indonesia .

Hajj project related inquiry , the Commission has requested information Suryadharma . After questioning the Commission , Suryadharma admitted asked about the organization of the Hajj , especially the catering and lodging Hajj deemed inappropriate . United Development Party politician also claimed that House members were asked about the " play " in the business of Hajj . In addition , Suryadharma claiming benefits or funds from deposit interest during this pilgrimage has been managed to improve the quality of service of the pilgrims. He denied there were certain parties who take advantage of interest payments or benefits of the pilgrimage .


Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Use Sabu, A Village Chief Arrested in Makassar

One of the headman in Makassar , Syarifuddin ( 35 ) , was arrested for using methamphetamine type drug . Besides Syarifuddin , which is Tamangapa Ward , District Mangala , the police also arrested drug dealers and couriers .

Makassar Polrestabes Drug Unit head Assistant Commissioner of Police ( AKBP ) Syamsu Arib , Wednesday ( 05/21/2014 ) , explains to reporters , police arrested initially Gratitude Basir aka Ivan ( 36 ) , a resident of Mappanyukki Road on Tuesday .
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From the hands of Ivan , found six sachets of shabu he had bought from a drug dealer , Mirsan , BTN Tritura residents . " Ivan was arrested in front of the house Mirsan BTN Tritura Block A1 No. 16 . Ivan was arrested shortly after buying methamphetamine . Thus , both immediately arrested and interrogated , " said former Police Chief Unit Resmob this Sulselbar .

Do not wait long , continued Syamsu , police did arrest the development and Ward Tamangapa Syarifuddin at his home in Jalan Indah Borong V , Puri Nirwana Regency Complex .

" From house arrest in Syarifuddin , found a sachet of shabu , complete with suction tool ( bong ) . Currently , the development of the network to the top is still ongoing, and police are still on the ground , " he said .


Monday, May 19, 2014

Aher Legawa Not Be Vice President for Prabowo

Presidential candidate of the Great Indonesia Movement Party ( Gerindra ) Prabowo ultimately prefer Chairman of the National Mandate Party ( PAN ) , Hatta Rajasa than would be the vice presidential running mate of the Prosperous Justice Party ( PKS ) , Ahmad Heryawan . Although such decisions , but Aher , Ahmad Heryawan close calls , pleaded not disappointed .

" Problem running mate broke up Mr. Hatta Rajasa . Yesterday my position is still a consideration Pak Prabowo . Said people in the palace ( internal Gerindra ) , said between Aher and Hatta ( who became vice Prabowo ) . Yesterday morning till evening still ( it is possible to Aher ) . , but , last night , apparently has been broken, "said Aher answering reporters' questions after attending the Unity Day Motion ( HKG ) All 42 PKK in Pusda'i building , Jalan Diponegoro , Bandung , West Java , on Monday ( 19/05/2014 ) .
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Aher said he was not upset over what is the decision that Prabowo . He claimed legawa because Prabowo is entitled to take a decision on running mate from anywhere .

" Kan from the beginning we should legowo handed the vice presidential candidates to choose from wherever derived , " said Aher .

Aher stated , MCC still supports Prabowo - Hatta to run as president and vice president . " Yes , MCC remains supportive Prabowo become president , " he said .

Presidential candidate Prabowo finally officially took Hatta Rajasa as a running mate would be . The pair carried by Gerindra , the Prosperous Justice Party ( PKS ) , the National Mandate Party ( PAN ) , the United Development Party ( PPP ) , the Golkar Party , and the United Nations .


Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Surya Paloh: Win Joko Widodo

Nasdem Party Chairman Surya Paloh invites the public and investigators to fight together to win the alias Joko Widodo Jokowi in the upcoming presidential election . Solar believes , if elected president , Jokowi able to create a strong government .

" Win Joko Widodo , " said Surya currently three political parties supporting the declaration ceremony in the Office of the DPP PDIP Jokowi in Lenteng Agung, Jakarta , Wednesday ( 14/05/2014 ) .

The declaration was attended by Chairman of the DPP PDIP Megawati Sukarnoputri with the managers of other PDIP , PKB Chairman Muhaimin Iskandar with other CBA board . Surya also come accompanied by other Nasdem board .
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Surya says it wants a leader who no longer put imaging . He said he wanted a leader who has good intentions with simplicity what it is . He considered that there are at Jokowi .

In his speech , telling Surya Nasdem assessment process between the PDI-P coalition after the legislative election ballot . In the process , he said , represented PDIP Secretary General Tjahjo Kumolo DPP had asked if there was a proposal from the vice Nasdem . At that time , Surya admitted replied that it supports Jokowi unconditionally .

He confirmed, it will help the winning Jokowi with all existing capabilities without any conditions . Solar reasoned , it wants to change the public perception that elite judge political party drunk with power .

According to Surya , the company wants to promote the nation's life than self-interest or political party . " We want to give evidence , " said Surya .

Surya also invite political opponents to compete with maintaining ethics in the upcoming presidential election . " Competing in the spirit of harmony , not hurt . We're ready to go , we are ready to win , we are ready also to lose , " he concluded .


Sunday, May 4, 2014

Anti-Jewish meeting Banned in Belgium

A mayor of an area in Brussels , Belgium , prohibiting the holding of a congress that attracted the attention of figures of the French extreme right , including comedian Dieudonne .

Opponents condemned the show 's first European congress dissent as " anti - Jewish " .

Anderlecht Mayor Eric Thomas prohibit the event to preserve and maintain public order . However , the event organizer Laurent Louis rejected the allegation and encourage people to keep coming .
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Louis via his Facebook page says , is laughable viewed his movement " Debout Les Belges " ( Risen , the Belgian ! ) As anti - Jewish , simply because members use hand signals inverted Nazis created Dieudonne as a symbol of anti-establishment .

French prime minister says Dieudonne " inciting hatred " .

Comedian , who once was convicted of anti - Jewish speech , scheduled to participate in the congress .

Mayor Thomas said the event was a serious risk to the safety of the community negatively because of congressional opposition protesters took to the expected plan .

Belgian League anti- Jewish opponents have protested to the prosecutor Brussels on Friday, May 2 to denounce " the hatred " .

On Saturday , 19 Brussels mayor has met with the police chief to discuss the meeting plan .


Thursday, May 1, 2014

Deputy Mayor Supports Bekasi Jakarta Transportation Agency kandangkan Garbage Trucks

Deputy Mayor of Bekasi Ahmad Syaikhu supported the Department of Transportation (Affair ) garbage truck to impound Jakarta who violate operational hours . Because the city garbage trucks that have repeatedly violated .

" Of course I support the Transportation Department to take that step . Should be a measure that provides a deterrent effect , " said Ahmad Syaikhu in Bekasi City Plaza , Friday ( 05/02/2014 ) .
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Ahmad Syaikhu warned about operating hours has been repeatedly violated by a city garbage truck driver . According to him , the Government of Bekasi already tolerant to repatriate trucks netted some time ago .

However , because the violation continues to occur , it is done Dishub considered reasonable . He also appealed to legislators to immediately arrange a meeting with the city administration to discuss this . Syaiku hope a way out soon reached with the meeting .

In addition , Ahmad said Syaikhu still do appreciate the cooperation between the Government and the Bekasi city administration although there are problems like this .

Cooperation will continue to be made for the benefit of both parties . But according to him , in case of breach of cooperation it is necessary to talk back . The goal is that no one is harmed .

Previously reported , dozens of city garbage truck back yesterday Bekasi raided by the Transportation Department . Unusually, raided the garbage truck is no longer discharged . But immediately ticketed and grounded by the Transportation Department .

Bekasi Mayor Rahmat Effendi also been dropped directly conduct the expulsion of the dump truck owned by the city in violation of operating hours . Due to the frequent violations , Bekasi government initiative for talks with the city government , but has yet to materialize .