Thursday, May 1, 2014

Deputy Mayor Supports Bekasi Jakarta Transportation Agency kandangkan Garbage Trucks

Deputy Mayor of Bekasi Ahmad Syaikhu supported the Department of Transportation (Affair ) garbage truck to impound Jakarta who violate operational hours . Because the city garbage trucks that have repeatedly violated .

" Of course I support the Transportation Department to take that step . Should be a measure that provides a deterrent effect , " said Ahmad Syaikhu in Bekasi City Plaza , Friday ( 05/02/2014 ) .
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Ahmad Syaikhu warned about operating hours has been repeatedly violated by a city garbage truck driver . According to him , the Government of Bekasi already tolerant to repatriate trucks netted some time ago .

However , because the violation continues to occur , it is done Dishub considered reasonable . He also appealed to legislators to immediately arrange a meeting with the city administration to discuss this . Syaiku hope a way out soon reached with the meeting .

In addition , Ahmad said Syaikhu still do appreciate the cooperation between the Government and the Bekasi city administration although there are problems like this .

Cooperation will continue to be made for the benefit of both parties . But according to him , in case of breach of cooperation it is necessary to talk back . The goal is that no one is harmed .

Previously reported , dozens of city garbage truck back yesterday Bekasi raided by the Transportation Department . Unusually, raided the garbage truck is no longer discharged . But immediately ticketed and grounded by the Transportation Department .

Bekasi Mayor Rahmat Effendi also been dropped directly conduct the expulsion of the dump truck owned by the city in violation of operating hours . Due to the frequent violations , Bekasi government initiative for talks with the city government , but has yet to materialize .


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