Tuesday, April 29, 2014

KPAI : It's Not About the JIS , but the Pedophiles

Indonesian Child Protection Commission has no intention of vilifying the Jakarta International School . KPAI The assertion that simply because there is a criminal case at the school .

" There is no tendency whatsoever of KPAI to vilify JIS . 's Not a matter of JIS , but about the perpetrators of pedophile in JIS , " said Erlinda KPAI commissioner in a press conference on Monday, April 28, 2014 , in the office KPAI . The press conference comes after dozens of parents JIS closed-door meeting with KPAI .

In the meeting, about 60 parents asked KPAI to be more sensitive to a statement filed to the relevant media harassment cases in JIS . A spokesman for the parents , Lester, said support KPAI steps to advocate for protecting children in Indonesia . However , he said , KPAI should be aware of harassment in the JIS case is very traumatic for the child and family . " Because we ask that KPAI itum nondisclosure of these children , " said Bieber .
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In response, Erlinda said it is protective of the victim . KPAI , he said , provide security emergency , emergency shelters, provide psychological assistance , mentoring psychiatrist , and provide a sense of security to the victim .

KPAI statements about the JIS for this , he said , because obviously there is a victim of harassment experienced by students . In addition to exposing the case , KPAI efforts intended to protect victims . " As said Kak Seto , where late deal with victims , in the end they will be pedophiles too , " said Erlinda .

He said from the beginning it has asked for a cooperative JIS uncover this case . Moreover, before the revelation of the first sexual harassment case , there are several victims who have complained to the JIS . " However , very unfortunate JIS party does not respond , " he said .


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