Monday, April 28, 2014

Coconut Flour of North Sulawesi exports to Brazil

North Sulawesi (Sulawesi ) coconut flour export to Brazil to meet the needs of the host country of the 2014 World Cup .

" A total of 104 tons of flour coconut exports to Brazil in the third week of April 2014 , " said Head of Foreign Trade , Department of Trade and Industry ( Industry and Trade ) Flammable , Tahi H Siregar , in Manado on Monday .
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Siregar said exports 104 tonnes of oil derivative products , is able to bring in foreign exchange of 243 187 U.S. dollars .

" Ahead of the World Cup soccer event , the demand for various food commodities increases , and this can be utilized by the exporter of this area began exporting food commodities tend to be fairly large quantities , " said Siregar .

It is estimated that exports of food commodities , especially North Sulawesi coconut flour to Brazil , said Siregar will continue to increase until about the grand event of the world championships next June .

" Coconut Flour is a staple goods to be processed into various types of food ready to be served to the public , including participants and spectators the world cup , because it's demand remains high , " said Siregar .

It is expected to continue increasing exports to Brazil , will spread to other countries in South America .

" Most countries in South America are classified as non-traditional markets have great potential , because it Sulut programmed expansion of export markets to the region , " said Siregar .

Coconut flour is a derivative of coconut or coconut is a leading integrated North Sulawesi with most state buyers and penetrated in all continents .

Commodities coconut flour is processed from coconut meat through the production process several factories operating in this daeerah .

Production of coconut flour allows continued to evolve and become a mainstay of the export of North Sulawesi until now , because these plants grow well in all areas , although without handling intensive processing .


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