Sunday, April 27, 2014

Sewol drowning ship , Backward PM South Korea

Joint search and rescue team evacuated the body of a passenger ferry Sewol surprised , because women found the 48 bodies still wearing life jackets .
The view was clear evidence of this sad , how they obey the command crew members to remain silent and wearing a life jacket .

Reporting from the CNN news station , Friday, April 25, 2014 , their bodies found in the Yellow Sea . A total of 48 bodies were found was in a room which is only able to carry 30 people .
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Although there is still a small possibility of survivors , but the task force memilihara divers still that hope .

But their efforts to evacuate the remains blocked heaps floating object , the doors were closed because of the water pressure is great and interesting flow of gas cylinders rescuers .

One civilian divers , Chun Kwan - geung , said one of the rescuers were forced to work in conditions that murky water , broke the glass to be heading to the deck of the ship at the bottom . Currently located in the lower deck ocean floor depth reaches 73 meters .

" Rescue efforts are slow growing , " said Navy Captain , Kim Jin - hwang , commander of the rescue operation .

The divers , continued Jin - hwang , have been looking into the whole area of ​​the vessel that can be accessed .

" However , a team of divers will search more difficult to estimate because of the rise of the waves and the weather is getting worse . However , AL will not stop until the last corpse is found , " said Jin - hwang .

Now , Jin - hwang divers are working to find the path to a room similar to the dorm . There are 50 bodies of suspected female students were trapped when the ship began to sink .

South Korean authorities also contended the law of this event . As a result , police detained the ship's captain and more than a dozen members of the crew .

In addition , the prosecutor in Mopko , South Korea , is investigating what caused the ship to sink . So far , the theory developed including changes that make the ferry and cargo capacity continues to increase .
Damaged facilities
Investigators also check for other vessels operated by the company . Ships named Ohamana turned out to have 40 facilities salvor is not functioning .

Pathways for skating so the passengers can get off safely , do not work and equipment for cargo binding and no car .

Such Sewol ship , the ship was modified to Ohamana so many more passengers .

The ship arrived in Incheon on April 16, 2014, the same emotion where Sewol sink . South Korean officials are still not conclude it .

Until now, the combined rescue team has evacuated 185 bodies . While 117 passengers missing. Although until now there is no other bodies were successfully evacuated . ( ren )


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