Friday, April 11, 2014

Double piercing Village Head

Person in District Pangale Village Chief , Central Produktion District , West Sulawesi , threatened with criminal penalties for voting twice in the polling stations ( TPS ) are different .

" Voted more than once a criminal violation of the election. While in the handling of this case the District Produktion Supervisory Committee , " said Chairman of the Election Supervisory Body Sulbar , Busran Riandhy , in Produktion Thursday .

This event is known as Supervisory Committee member districts found that the person voting twice .

" Person village head who voted more than once in different polling stations clearly a criminal offense , " he said .

Busran claimed elections in West Sulawesi running safely and smoothly while still confuse many issues such as voice mail .
(see also: lomba burung)

" When we look at, it appears several issues including logistics readiness as less ink and a variety of other problems , " he said .

He said that the problem was not hamper the implementation process of the collection count except in some polling stations are scheduled to re- conducted elections .


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