Monday, May 26, 2014

Shrinking brain volume, TKW Threatened Death Sihatul Social

Conditions of female workers ( TKW ) Sihatul Alfiyah previously laid up for 8 months in Taiwan , have started to show a significant response . This was revealed by the Chairman of the Doctors Hospital Blambangan Heri Subiakto to on Monday ( 05/26/2014 ) .

" The response is increasingly demonstrate visible progress of the light reflex and eyelashes . Tracheostomy is also done by making a hole in the neck as a procedure for airway clearance , " he explained .

He also explained that the images of the head Sihatul no visible cracks . " Got to say if there is a collision injuries in the head , but from the results of the scan , no cracks are found , including chest film , everything is normal . Yet there is no diminution of brain abnormalities and brain volume , and this is caused due to lack of supply of oxygen and glucose to the brain between 4 to 8 minutes , " he explained .

However , according to doctors Heri Subiakto , Sihatul still can not do the cough reflex , gag reflex and swallowing reflex .
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" And we still continue to do regular medical rehabilitation including reducing infections from the use of tools . Moreover , after 7 days , Sihatul also no longer on a ventilator . And this is remarkable considering the condition he was in a coma declared eight months abroad , " he added .

Meanwhile , the doctor I Nyoman Kertia , one of the team doctors explained , Sihatul would not be normal as before and threatened lifelong disability .

" There are 4 types of death , that is clinically dead , dead biological , social death , and cardiac death . Nah , ya Sihatul is categorized as social death because he could not interact socially with others , including his own family , " he said .

In addition , he still needs help from others or vegetative life . " Hopefully he can sit . Infection and to reduce us to replace the position of medical equipment , such as hoses our breath to change positions once every 7 days . For normal hormonal . Reports from nurses , he also menstruate . If time abroad , we do not know , because just less than one month Sihatul in Banyuwangi , " he concluded .

Sihatul went to Taiwan and worked on a dairy farm in Tainan City . He had to take care of 300 dairy cows by himself starting at 03:00 until 22:00 local time .

Sihatul was treated at Chi Mei Medical Center in Liouying , Taiwan , and moved to a nursing home in Min An Road Baihe District , Tainan City . From the medical examination had found puncture lesions in the head by a blunt object Sihatul result .x


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