Sunday, May 4, 2014

Anti-Jewish meeting Banned in Belgium

A mayor of an area in Brussels , Belgium , prohibiting the holding of a congress that attracted the attention of figures of the French extreme right , including comedian Dieudonne .

Opponents condemned the show 's first European congress dissent as " anti - Jewish " .

Anderlecht Mayor Eric Thomas prohibit the event to preserve and maintain public order . However , the event organizer Laurent Louis rejected the allegation and encourage people to keep coming .
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Louis via his Facebook page says , is laughable viewed his movement " Debout Les Belges " ( Risen , the Belgian ! ) As anti - Jewish , simply because members use hand signals inverted Nazis created Dieudonne as a symbol of anti-establishment .

French prime minister says Dieudonne " inciting hatred " .

Comedian , who once was convicted of anti - Jewish speech , scheduled to participate in the congress .

Mayor Thomas said the event was a serious risk to the safety of the community negatively because of congressional opposition protesters took to the expected plan .

Belgian League anti- Jewish opponents have protested to the prosecutor Brussels on Friday, May 2 to denounce " the hatred " .

On Saturday , 19 Brussels mayor has met with the police chief to discuss the meeting plan .


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